To imagine one thing and create something, all it takes is that one moment of inspiration.

We at KALON take our inspiration from various elements of nature, architecture, biotic phenomena and many other physical realms that only us as humans are gifted to experience. It is these unexplored territories that we aim to explore through our brand.

Mood Board

This stage of our thought process is the most important step before we get into the actual visualisation of the design.
Collecting pictorial data related to our subject of inspiration leads us to understand the possibilities of colour, texture, material and form thus helping us shape the ideas for our design.


The place to explode with ideas, possibilities, out of the world concepts and  interpretations. Some of the most innovative ideas happen at this phase where there is no limit to the practical implementation but only to think out of the box. 


The fun part of sculpting, form and materiality gets real at this phase of development where we shape the ideas and forms in various mediums to check the feasibility and working mechanisms of our crazy designs. Not all that we imagine can be made to exist but we try our best to bring them to reality with the help of our master artisans in house. 

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