Cherry to My Heart – Blueberry Ear-cuff Piercing


These Cherry to My Heart Blueberry Ear-cuff
piercings are a statement piece that is symbolic of
the way a cherry sits on top of a cupcake, your
significant other sitting on top of your heart.
These studs are expertly handcrafted in brass and
plated in 18-carat gold, jeweled with a blue stone.


You could style this versatile piece with any
outfit, keeping your hair up in a slick high pony
would help the studs to stand out.
Wear this statement piece for any occasion, be
it birthdays on a cruise, fancy corporate
events, weddings on the beach, or personal
milestones. Perfect for gifting too!
These CTMH Blueberry Ear-cuff piercings could
add that extra oomph to your outfit to give you
that juicy satisfaction you deserve.


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