Way to My Heart – Hoops (Solid Heart Photo Stickable)


These ‘Way to My Heart (Solid Heart) Hoops’ are a
simple classic piece that balances on your earlobe
symbolic of the way how one must balance their
love life with their own life. You can also have your
loved one or yourself on the back as a cute touch.
These are expertly handcrafted in brass and plated
in 18-carat gold.


You can pair it with some casual outfits in jeans
or dresses with a high pony.
Wearing these versatile pieces for any
occasion, be it birthdays on a cruise, fancy
corporate events, weddings on the beach, or
personal milestones. Perfect for gifting too!
These heart hoops could add that extra oomph
to your outfit to give you that juicy satisfaction
you deserve.


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