Fire Spell Pendant


You could rock this at a work party with a
blazer/or a pressed shirt with fiery makeup
to match that passion within.
Wearing this on any occasion, be it
birthdays, events, weddings, or personal
milestones – this piece could add that extra
oomph to your outfit to give you that
burning satisfaction you deserve.

Don’t deny the wildfire within you, just be who
you are and burn.
Inspired by the power of fire and the wild, Fire
Spell is a bold and visual statement of the fire
within us.
This pendant features a statement fireball with
a circle link chain that echoes the enchanted
spell. It’s expertly handcrafted in brass and
plated in 18-carat gold.

– Move our Kalon babies to a PLASTIC BOX on reaching you.
– ⁠GENTLY WIPE and clean the surface with a tissue on every use.
– ⁠Do not spray PERFUME or any alcohol based deodorants on the surface as they may be harsh & fast to tarnish.
– ⁠HANDLE with care as our products are delicately handcrafted.


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