• Common Darter


      Inspired by the Common Darter Dragonfly’s bright red tail, this piece brings alive the beauty of the dragonfly in an exquisite piece. The gold-plated pendant with the mandatory red stones centred along a pearl necklace is a sight to behold.

    • Queen Of Plumes Pendant


      The Queen of Plumes necklace is royalty redefined. The aesthetic stones in confluence with rhodium stands as a symbol of elegance and grace.

    • Marble Fly Pendant


      Who could imagine a fly inspiring art? But a marble embellishment and perfect geometry can make anything worth having a second look.

    • Pollock Fish Pendant


      The pollock fish pendant wired in golden with a lordly stone head blends the free spirits of a Bohemian with creatures of the wild and endless sea.

    • Beetle Pendant


      An impressive design to celebrate the beauty and instict of the hard-to-impress beetles, the pendant is an intricately woven yet simple piece.

    • Betta Fish Pendant


      The pendant commemorates the magnificence of the Betta fish with an effortless design adorned with a vibrant indigo head.

    • Owl Pendant


      This majestic piece emulates the silhouette of an owl. Interwoven wires make the feathers and encircled ones create the beautiful owl eyes.

    • Costa’s Hummingbird Pendant


      Inspired by the royalty of Costa’s Hummingbird, this pendant is a blend of gold and mauve. The distinct mauvish stone in the piece represents the unique purple neck of the bird.

    • Budgie Pendant


      The blue-greenish body with a bulging neck that distinguishes a budgie forms the essence of this simply meshed yet gorgeous piece.

    • Buffalo Weaver Cleavage Pendant


      The unostentatious beauty of the arid bird is captured through a regal pendant designed with a mingling of distinct pieces.

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