Plunging Heart Blue Yellow Short Necklace


This necklace worn just by itself on a v-neck
slip dress would accentuate the cleavage with
the chain making a v-cut to the circular
necklace and would be very flattering.
Wearing this on any occasion, be it birthdays
on a cruise, fancy corporate events, weddings
on the beach, or personal milestones – this
piece could add that extra oomph to your
outfit to give you that juicy satisfaction you

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Ever had that drop in your stomach as if the
butterflies just jumped at the sight of someone
you fancy? The yearning feeling of being plunged
into the depths of a pit called love?
This Plunging Heart Chunky Necklace is a layered
statement piece that is symbolic of how our heart
goes deeper than the surface crush we appear to
be having.
Expertly handcrafted in brass and plated in 18-
carat gold with blue and yellow stones.

KALON icons are one-of-a-kind experiential
products handcrafted with love which would love
to be taken care of even after being purchased
– Move the iconic babies sent in KALON boxes into
a plastic box after reaching your home in a moistfree atmosphere.
– Do not use perfume or any alcohol-based sprays
on top of our babies as they may be too harsh on
their skin & tarnish faster.
– Make sure to clean & wrap them in a tissue or
cloth to avoid any moisture catching to your
KALON babies.
– Handle them with care & as much love as they
come to you with and they are bound to last in
that shine for many more years to come.


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