• Common Darter Danglers


      Inspired by the Common Darter Dragonfly’s bright red tail, this piece brings alive the beauty of the dragonfly in an exquisite piece. The gold-plated pendant with the mandatory red stones centred along a pearl necklace is a sight to behold.

    • Costas Hummingbird Danglers


      Inspired by the royalty of Costa’s Hummingbird, this pendant is a blend of gold and mauve. The distinct mauvish stone in the piece represents the unique purple neck of the bird.

    • Gold Finch Danglers


      The Goldfinch inspired danglers go above and beyond to create a modern look without compromising aesthetic beauty of the bird.

    • Oarfish Danglers


      The otherworldly and ethereal oarfish has inspired the simple set of danglers that can be an embellishment to any outfit.

    • Peacock Danglers


      The source of motivation behind these danglers have been the astounding look of peacocks. The geometric design of the danglers brings into symmetry the breathtaking beauty of peacocks.

    • Red Flanked Bue Tail Danglers


      A pair of shell-bodied danglers with blue bottoms is the perfect choice for an evening look.

    • The Shell Dwellers Danglers


      A classy pair of danglers with that takes your look a notch up each time you don it.

    • White Crest Birdies Danglers


      White Crest Birdies employs a blend of flowers, pearls and symmetrical designs to create a piece that transcends the ordinary.

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